Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista

Lv60 Sync

Disclaimer: All credit goes to Roid from Siren.



Testing how an item level syncs to 60 is always a hassle.  Thankfully, in courtesy of Roid, we have some general guidelines for level 60 syncs.  These are the maximum stats that each item slot can attain at Lv60 from level sync.  Defense varies by job.

A rank :
B rank :
C rank :

stat[α] = STR, DEX, VIT, AGI, INT, MND, CHR
stat[β] = Atk, Acc, R.Atk, R.Acc, Eva

Weapon:    HP+24  MP+24  stat[α]+5  stat[β]+5  MAtk+10

Grip/Dual Weapon:    HP+24  MP+24  stat[α]+5  stat[β]+5  MAtk+10

Shield:    DEF A14 B14 C9

Bow(slot):    N/A

Throwing(slot):    HP+3  MP+3  stat[α]+1  stat[β]+3

Head:    DEF A24 B21 C17  HP+10  MP+30  stat[α]+2  stat[β]+3

Neck:    DEF A5 B5 C5  stat[α]+2  stat[β]+5

Ear:    DEF A1 B1 C1  HP+15  MP+15  stat[α]+1  stat[β]+4

Body:    DEF A47 B42 C39  HP+15  MP+15  stat[α]+3  stat[β]+7

Hand:    DEF A16 B14 C11  HP+12  MP+12  stat[α]+2  stat[β]+3

Ring:    DEF A2 B2 C2  HP+10  MP+10  stat[α]+3  stat[β]+3

Back:    DEF A8 B8 C5  MP+10  stat[α]+2

Waist:    DEF A4 B4 C4  HP+20 MP+20  stat[α]+2  stat[β]+7

Legs:    DEF A33 B30 C23  HP+10 MP+10  stat[α]+2  stat[β]+2

Feet:    DEF A14 B12 C9  HP+10 MP+10  stat[α]+1



For clarification on how the varying defense values in regards to job ‘ranks’ work, here’s a brief example:

Askar zucchetto has the following stats at Lv75:  DEF 23, STR+4, DEX+4, VIT+4, Haste+4%.

The maximum stats acquirable for Lv60 sync’ed head gear are: DEF A24 B21 C17, HP+10, MP+30, stat[α]+2, stat[β]+3.

Therefore, Askar zucchetto at Lv60 would have the following stats: DEF A23 B21 C17, STR+2, DEX+2, VIT+2.

However, the defense value is dependent on job.  If it is equipped by a ‘rank A’ job, such as PLD, the defense on the helm would be 23.  On the other hand, equipping it with a ‘rank B’ job, such as DRG, would yield a defense of 21.

Hope this helps.

One response

  1. DreTheBoss

    I wanna note, that when you say acc and att, i feel that those stats are mutual, in that they share the same sync gains. So it wouldn’t be necessary to say both acc+# att+#, but instead acc/att+#. Obviously this may not seem true since for weapons Magic att and Magic acc can hold different values. But as far as armor goes I feel it stays the same for the most part.

    August 14, 2011 at 11:21 am

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