Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista


Ballista Keyboard View

As I promised several people, here’s a quick demonstration of how I play Ballista on keyboard.  For those of you who have had your ears bleed from the button mashing sounds whenever I’m on Skype, I humbly apologize (not really), but now you know why it’s always so noisy when I play.  I usually cover it up with the excuse that I’m frantically typing up a last minute essay for English class, which tends to help me ward off people so that I can concentrate on my ‘work’.  Go me.


FFXI Ballista: Vocal Remarks

This is just a quick update, so yea.  Evv and I were having some conversations on Skype regarding Ballista.  Little did I know, that bastard recorded and uploaded parts of the conversations on Youtube.  After I threatened to sue him for recording me without my consent, we decided to work on a casual and improvised demonstration for ranger WS execution in Ballista, as it was one of the previous topics of discussion.  Links to the videos are provided below.  I realize that I sound stoned in the recordings, but as many of you may have suspected, I’m a full time stoner in real life.  Don’t be surprised.  Anyway, enjoy.


Ballista Commentary

So, I uploaded a Lakshmi vs Fenrir Diorama match with a commentary included.  Hopefully, it’ll be able to help some people out.  I don’t have much to say here, but now you can listen to my rants instead of only reading them.  I sound stoned, but, hell, maybe I was stoned at the time.  Even I don’t remember.  Anyway, if possible, let me know if it’s all right because I may decide to continue with commentating.  Constructive criticism is also welcomed.  Please and thanks.  Much appreciated.  Peace out.


Why Are People So…?

As many may already know, within the past few months, there has been a sizable influx of transferees to Lakshmi from a variety of servers, most notably Fenrir.  I must admit that their reputation precedes most of them in terms of manner, skill, as well as knowledge of the game.  Unfortunately, the typical NA style of Ballista revolves around slaughtering and completely domination over other players through solo effort.  Practically none of them actually play Ballista for the game itself—a team game in which involves quarrying, scoring, and teamwork—but rather for bloodshed.  For some reason, I’m apparently ‘cheap’ for using—say—a max potion during the midst of battle.  If quarrying is part of the Ballista, how exactly am I being ‘cheap’ for using a mechanic that’s part of the game?  And hell, it only gets worse from here.  It’s also apparently ‘cheap’ and cowardly to work as a team with allies—in other words, working as a team is synonymous to being a coward.  Other than with Lazurus, I consider myself patient in terms of dealing with these types of people, but even I can hardly maintain my composure sometimes.  Yeah, that’s me using Ukko’s Fury in town.  Out of fury.


Wish Upon a Star

Imagine a peaceful evening with soft blinks of night stars and enchanting dances of fireflies, illuminating the surroundings with magnificence.  Suddenly, radiant streams of lights appear from above, and an old English nursery rhyme comes to mind:

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

With eyes gently closed and hands clenched together, you begin making your wish.  You feel hopeful, satisfied, soothed, and at peace.  Unfortunately, before you could finish chanting your wish, a meteor crash lands where you stand, and needless to say, yes.  Yes, you die.  In fact, you just got fucked up good.


Share the Love

As the Black Eyed Peas would question, “Where is the love?~”

I hate the 15 minute video limit that Youtube enforces.  Since I have to separate my Ballista videos into parts, I’m usually reluctant to record and upload any.  However, the other night, a series of 3:3 Ballista was played within our community, and 3:3 games are set at 15 minutes in game length.  So, I decided to record and upload a match for the shits and giggles.  Again, mostly for the shits.