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Strategy 009: Generalized Quarry Theory

—Written by Zirk

Note: All quarry testing was done with standard Hako match settings.  The settings can be viewed at the start of almost every video.  I would like to mention that if you ever do your own quarry testing, try to record it and record the entire match from start to finish, as I have done.  It’s possible that we may want to look into other factors like the number of kills a player has, which team got the first kill of the match, etc.  So, by including this in your videos, we can use old videos to add to the data pool.

There is a lot of speculation here, so if you have unanswered questions/comments, note them down as you read, and if they remain unanswered by the end, post them in the comments for discussion.


I. The only requirements for x-hyper are as follows:
(1) Being in possession of a Petra Shovel
(2) Having the standard number of deaths (1 for Hako, 3 for OM)
(3) Your 2-hour is not up.


How to Organize Diorama (Hako)

Please note that all standard rules of competitive level Diorama have been developed by the JP.  Since their competitive player population exponentially exceeds the NAs’, we have no choice but to abide to their methods.  Needless to say, they are conservatively strict with playing by their definitive rules and have little to no intention of changing them.  Moreover, they have been playing with those same—or at least similar—rules for several years, as they are indeed the founders of the competitive Diorama form.  NA players merely realized and were invited to play in this intense environment around 2008, and even now in the year 2012, only a few NA players have been able to reach a high enough level of skill to play against the JP on even footage.  In order to build public awareness and understanding of the highest form of Ballista, as well as allowing people to set up their own competitive games, the standard rules of Diorama are explained below.  Please keep in mind that the JP have established a well-organized and competitive environment with these standard rules, which evidently produce the highest quality of games.


Strategy 008: How to Improve in Ballista

Before I start, I realize that most of my audience consists of NA players who strongly believe that they’re almighty and possess some sort of unshakable skill in Ballista.  However, in order to improve in anything, it’s necessary to admit self flaws and leave an open mind for new ideas.  Seeing as most NA players struggle with acknowledging the fundamentals of the game due to a variety of reasons—ignorance, stubbornness, and closed-mindedness to name a few—I took the liberty to write a resourceful Ballista guide for those who may be experiencing troubles in terms of improving.


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Strategy 007: X-Hyper

As we all know, ‘hyper’ has been a hot topic for quite some time now.  Despite that some evidence of its functionality has already been recognized, there has still be controversy on its true ‘activation’ requirements.  It was originally proposed in Strategy 006 that the prerequisites were the following: (1) the accumulation three deaths, (2) expended job abilities, (3) the use of a petra shovel, and (4) being on the losing team.  However, from further experimentation, not all of these clauses are true.  In fact, it seems as though the requirement of three deaths has been proven otherwise.  Time after time, many of us have witnessed players achieving ‘hyper’ in Diorama with only a single death.  On the contrary, it is seemingly ‘more difficult’ to achieve hyper in OMs (official matches).  It turns out that during the original testing, the match duration was set to one hour while standard Diorama games are either 15 or 20 minutes in length.  A plausible explanation is that there is a mathematical relationship between the game duration and the number of deaths required to achieve ‘hyper’.  In OMs, perhaps the three deaths rule still holds true, but in Diorama, only one death seems to be necessary to achieve ‘hyper’—at least in terms of obtaining Revitalizers.


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Strategy 006: Hyper Experimentation

The topic of quarrying has been commonly discussed within the Ballista community, primarily regarding ‘hyper’, a mode in which a player is able to quarry excessive high tier items.  As previously mentioned in Strategy 005, prominent factors that supposedly increase the odds of a player quarrying high tier items include: (1) the accumulation of one to three deaths, (2) expended job abilities, (3) the use of a petra shovel, and (4) being on the losing team.

By now, it’s clear that these conjectures are most likely true.  However, exactly how many deaths are required?  The difference between one and three deaths is quite significant, so is it one, two, or three?  Furthermore, is there a certain ‘window of opportunity’ before this ‘hyper’ state ‘wears off’?  Does acquiring kills affect anything?


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Strategy 005: Battle Skill vs. Tech Skill (Hyper)

Sally, calm yo ass down.  Although this post may be intimidating to read due to its traumatic length, I hope that you, the reader, will do your job and—yes—read this post entirely and carefully.  If you play Ballista, I guarantee that it will be worth your time.  If you don’t play Ballista, read it anyway.  For the shits and giggles.  Mostly the shits.


In the past week, I’ve been busy with mundane routines of the notorious phenomenon commonly known as ‘IRL’, but during my downtime from FFXI, I’ve been brainstorming a few notable thoughts and ideas in regards to—you’ve guessed it—Ballista.  Between the few NA players in my LS, two novel terms have been coined in order to describe and categorize Ballista aptitude more effectively: ‘battle skill’ and ‘technical skill’.


Thrust the Penta or Rush the Rage?

As awesome as I am, I get a series of interesting questions—such as “hey v why r u such a bitch?”—on a regular basis.  However, one of the questions that I take most interest in is how to gear up WAR, as I consider it my most fluent and favorite job in Ballista.  The standard WAR gear [unaugmented] typically looks something like this: