Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista

Author: Yiri

Strategy 002: Two Hours & Mage Killing

—Written by Yiri

These are just a few things that I would like to point out.

When it comes to strategy, I believe that our two hours should be key components of our battle plan. A mage (holding petra) needs to be taken out sometime during the match. We need to sync our weapon skills so that their mages don’t have time to heal.

Two Hours:

Consider the following example: use Meikyo Shisui to kill a mage.

This may sound very simple, but I believe that it will be very effective. Mages are hard to kill because of their buffs, but a well executed two hour can easily override their defenses. The problem with mages is that they can heal themselves back up, which is why the point of the two hour is to kill them before they get a chance to do so. The key here, then, becomes speed. We need to be fast and efficient. The entire team should know when one is going to use a two hour. This way, provokes can be landed, gravities can be landed, other weapon skills can be landed, etc. How will we know? Through communication.

Of course, there needs to be additional planning in the event that the SAM is bound, provoked, etc. during Meikyo Shisui, but I still want to emphasize my point that we should integrate two hours into our strategy.

Our two hours are all very powerful, and I believe that Chainspell is pretty high up there among the best. I seldom use Chainspell, and if I do, it is only to save myself from losing 5+ petra.

I believe that we can be creative with this two hour..
As soon as the rooks move, I can Chainspell and gravity everyone.
I can Chainspell and drain (aspir) someone of their MP with Pluto’s Staff.
I can Chainspell and enfeeble everyone with Paralyze, Slow, Blind, Bind, etc.
I can Chainspell and Thunder II with Jupiter’s Staff (probably not enough MP for this one ;(
Anyway–What I’m trying to say is that we can use Chainspell in a variety of ways and that I should use it. Perhaps I can leave it to my own judgment as to when to use it, but I will definitely start using it more often from now on.

In the event that there are no items allowed, then food becomes much more important. In this case, not only does healing become more important in the beginning of the match, but so do two hours. If we can rid of the enemy’s food, using our two hours, then we are at a greater advantage.

Mage Killing:

How does one win? Through scoring.

Who scores? The mages (well, mostly anyway :p).
Who keeps their DDs alive? Their mages.
Who keeps enfeebling us? Their mages.

This is why I believe that it is absolutely essential to take down a mage (with petra) sometime during the match.

Once their mage goes down, then they need to go back to camp and sit out for about 2 minutes, or 10% of the match. They lose the petra they were holding, they lose potential petras that could have been quarried, and now they’re not there to keep healing our enemies and sticking their annoying enfeebles on us.

Whether it be through a two hour ability or weapon skills, or a two hour ability and weapon skills, we need to take down a mage somehow and sometime during the match. How will we know when a mage holds 5 or more petra? Through communication.

It should be noted that when they come back from their camp, they’ll come back only with their crucial buffs used. These buffs can easily be Lethe Water +1’ed. A Lethe Water +1 can also be used to greatly facilitate our job in killing a mage in the first place. How will we know if someone has a Lethe Water+1? Through communication.

If the mage comes back in about a minute, then they did not buff back up. which we can use to our advantage. We simply kill them all over again. How will we know this? Through communication.

Sync Weapon Skills:

Although it is wise to use weaponskills whenever one hits the 100% mark, it is sometimes even wiser to conserve TP so that everyone can WS at the same time. How will we know when everyone has 100%+ TP? Through communication.

In order to do this, the target needs to be kept in place.

If we have a DRK, then we can use Stun.
If we have a RNG, then we can use Shadowbind.
If we have neither, then the RDM can use Gravity.
(Whatever the case may be, the RDM should cast Gravity anyway)

In the event that we are going to sync our weaponskills, then it becomes crucial to keep all of our DDs alive. It thus becomes WHM, RDM, and PLD’s responsibility to keep the DDs alive during this time period. Once again, through communication (I’m starting to sound like Vyi :p), the mages will know to prioritize healing (and gravity) over everything else.

We can go into more detail, such as what to do in the event that we are provoked, bound, paralyzed, etc. Their mages can also be provoked, slept, or silenced to prevent healing the player back up. But then again, the whole point is to kill our target before they have a chance to be healed.