Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista

Author: Teishi

Welcome to Ballista Revolution

—Written by Teishi

It has come to our attention that some players may view this website or our videos but never come forward and present themselves.  Even several of our current members admit that they were shy and hesitant before introducing themselves to us.  As the group leader, I really want to make it clear that we want you to come play Ballista!  Even if you’ve never played a single match or don’t have any level 60 gear, it doesn’t matter.  Take that first step, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

P.S. To those who may have quit FFXI or have lost interest in the grind, consider trying Ballista.  With us, Ballista is a completely separate game from FFXI.  The mechanics and strategies are totally different.  You can have a fresh start in a whole ‘new game’, and your hard earned gil and job levels give you a nice head start!

The Problem: Revisited

—Written by Teishi

When we arrived on Lakshmi, it felt like diorama was won through careful planning and meticulous teamwork.  I still believe it did and it does, but what we faced when we got here..

Revitalizers… can you remember when getting one in an OM was amazing?  Can you remember even getting one at all in serious diorama?  And now they seem to be a necessary component of any winner’s repertoire.


Strategy 001: Temp. Team Strategy

—Writtin by Teishi

A) Uruz&co attack Desu
>>1) Vyi&co attack Uruz(berserk,etc, possibly leading to B)) &RDM cures Desu
>>>>>>a) Desu dies
>>>>>>>>>>a1) Vyi&co change target to enemy WHM
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>a2) Desu returns, repeat from A)
>>>>>>b) Desu survives (Uruz is defeated)
>>>>>>>>>>b1) Vyi&co target enemy WHM
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>b2) Vyi&co kill enemy WHM, go on WHM-Kill strategy

B) Uruz&co attack someone else.. we’ve had success with this and I’m not sure there’s much to say. Sharp mage kills are the key to victory with this style of game, not to mention a little luck with petra.

WHM-Kill strategy) We’ve seen them do it many times. Front line jobs attack WHM hard. In the event the WHM gets away (runs away with sprint) front line jobs should return to fighting a DD until the WHM returns – and this is the key part, the reaction to WHM returning must be instantaneous. If the WHM can constantly walk in, curaga 3, sprint out, repeat, the game’s over. A quick provoke will stop any MP use and all three front line jobs should quickly (try to) dispatch the WHM asap. Same goes for when the WHM is killed, a quick reaction to his return is essential.

Killing the RDM) Prepared TP and abilities are important here, and using TP at once rather than trying to wait and skillchain. If we can’t pull it off with our first barrage of WSs, its better to stop and go back to attacking someone else. Obviously sometimes it’s necessary to stay on that RDM (like near the end of a game when his scoring would win them the game, and there’s nobody else with petra). It’s the mages’ jobs to keep that RDM from scoring while front line jobs build up TP again. Depending on the situation, it may be better to abandon the RDM kill entirely as getting it done may take too much time/leave an opening for other people to score.

More to come later


—Written by Teishi

In order to help communications during matches, I’ve compiled the names for rook positions that the JP players have adopted, along with a visual aid. Nobody is crazy enough to learn Japanese just for Ballista, but memorizing a few things could really help out.

I’ll ignore the 3 and 4 rook formations, as games don’t usually get that big, and there aren’t really any established names for those rooks.

I’ll try to work in the format of:
Kanji [very complicated character, if applicable]
Hiragana[less complicated, longer]
(Pronunciation) [English characters that Japanese players will understand]
English translation

Basic compass points:
北 きた (KITA) North (“Kita” has other meanings and can be used in ballista from time to time.  It can also mean “coming”, as in “they’re coming”.  Can be a little confusing.
南 みなみ (MINAMI) South
西 にし (NISHI)       West
東 ひがし (HIGASHI) East

Everyone knows N S E W, but some Japanese players will write the Japanese forms just out of habit, so the Japanese forms are good to know.

Many of the rook names have some relation to other rook positions, so even memorizing one or two can help tremendously.


Map Key

Pink – Herald
Green – Home Points
Blue – Rook locations


Jugner Forest

A NW Don’t think there’s a name for this one, but most people just say NW.
B 一番西 いちばんW (ICHIBANNISHI) First/ForemostWest
C へらW (HERAW) West of Herald
D たいがん (TAIGAN) OP-N
E へら (HERA) Herald
F Nキャンプ Nきゃんぷ 北キャンプ (N-KYANPU) N-Camp
G 中央 ちゅうおう (CHUUOU)  Middle
H 橋 はし (HASHI)        Bridge
I やまうら (YAMAURA) Hillside
J だぼいよこ (DABOIYOKO) Beside Davoi
K だぼい            (DABOI) Davoi


Pashhow Marshlands

A いちばん北 一番北 (ICHIBANKITA)First/ForemostNW
D へらN  (HERAN) HeraldN
E いけ 池 (IKE) Pond
F へら (HERA) Herald
G つうろまえ (TSUUROMAE) That place SW of Herald in the rocks
H つうろ (TSUURO) The westernmost rook
I はし 橋 (HASHI) Bridge


Meriphataud Mountains

A NEキャンプ (NE-KYANPU)  NE-Camp
B 三叉-N さんさN (SANSA-N) EastRook(North version)
C へら (HERA) Herald
D へらS (HERA-S) South of Herald
E 三叉S さんさS (SANSA-S) EastRook(South version)
G がけ (GAKE) Valley Rook
H 骨上 ほねうえ (HONEUE) BonecraftNW  I usually just say “Bonecraft” for this one; everyone gets it.
I 一番西  いちばんにし (ICHIBAN-W) First/ForemostWestRook
J 骨下 ほねした (HONESHITA) SW.. most people will understand SW here.
K がけS (GAKE-S) Rook south of the Valley Rook
L ごぶきゃんぷorゴブキャンプ (GOBCAMP)  Rook on top of the goblin’s camp


Reporting Rook Positions in Japanese

Japanese players will understand “camp” with or without the auto-translate.  However, things like “hole” and “bridge” would have to be in auto-translate for everyone to understand it.  Whenever the Japanese form of a compass directions (kita,minami,etc) appears in a name, you can use N S W E for the same effect.  Basically, the Japanese understand the English compass but may not use them during Ballista, as they’re already accustomed to their native tongue.


Hope this helps,