Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista

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Red Mage Removal

RDM has always been a strong job in Ballista, but with the discovery of hyper, the job has been considered broken.  Just to recap, in order to access hyper, a player needs to die a certain amount of times, depending on the total match duration.  Since RDMs can easily kill themselves by depleting their MP, using Convert, and finally applying a Poison Potion, they are essentially able to manipulate their own deaths.  As such, they will practically always have hyper, meaning that the job is virtually broken in OM and even worse in Diorama.  Of course, there are some ethical issues of forcing death with Convert and Poison Potion in a competitive Diorama setting.  However, despite that, it’s also impossible to completely prevent players from forcing death on RDM.  Or rather, it’s impossible to administer a rule that prevents RDMs from curing themselves after Convert; curing after Convert is always a choice.  Since RDMs have control over their own deaths, they will simply have an infinite supply of MP and can freely wreck the balance of the game.  Of course, this is assuming that the RDM user is experienced.  If the RDM is an amateur, it wouldn’t make a much of a difference, but regardless, the option of dying on command will always be there.  As such, even the JP have stopped using RDM in Diorama for almost a year or perhaps longer.