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Ballista Keyboard View

As I promised several people, here’s a quick demonstration of how I play Ballista on keyboard.  For those of you who have had your ears bleed from the button mashing sounds whenever I’m on Skype, I humbly apologize (not really), but now you know why it’s always so noisy when I play.  I usually cover it up with the excuse that I’m frantically typing up a last minute essay for English class, which tends to help me ward off people so that I can concentrate on my ‘work’.  Go me.


Why Ballista?

—Written by Evviva

Disclaimer:  I realize that this may not apply to everyone, as FFXI has many things to offer.


Many would wonder, “Why would a FFXI player even consider PvP style gameplay in an MMORPG designed to sustain interest via an intricate reward system?  This entry will be taking a closer look at the true reason behind the most well endowed mystery this game has to offer.  I had a lot of fun writing this post; likewise, my wish is for you, as the reader, to have fun with it, as well, and hopefully be able to relate to it.

1. Rewards

Rewards in an MMORPG equate to a promise, a promise that at the end of the day, your gameplay will be rewarded with a tangible item, perhaps some sort of intricate evolution of your avatar or your chosen path in a quest to unfold closer to fruition.  As a business model, MMORPG culture is riddled with dopamine at every turn.  These vast complex worlds put the user in a state of true fantasy, bringing closer those dreams of grandeur and accomplishments.  The trance induced is one of great power.  With that said, rewards in FFXI play an important role.