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Welcome to Ballista Revolution

—Written by Teishi

It has come to our attention that some players may view this website or our videos but never come forward and present themselves.  Even several of our current members admit that they were shy and hesitant before introducing themselves to us.  As the group leader, I really want to make it clear that we want you to come play Ballista!  Even if you’ve never played a single match or don’t have any level 60 gear, it doesn’t matter.  Take that first step, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

P.S. To those who may have quit FFXI or have lost interest in the grind, consider trying Ballista.  With us, Ballista is a completely separate game from FFXI.  The mechanics and strategies are totally different.  You can have a fresh start in a whole ‘new game’, and your hard earned gil and job levels give you a nice head start!