Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista

Why Are People So…?

As many may already know, within the past few months, there has been a sizable influx of transferees to Lakshmi from a variety of servers, most notably Fenrir.  I must admit that their reputation precedes most of them in terms of manner, skill, as well as knowledge of the game.  Unfortunately, the typical NA style of Ballista revolves around slaughtering and completely domination over other players through solo effort.  Practically none of them actually play Ballista for the game itself—a team game in which involves quarrying, scoring, and teamwork—but rather for bloodshed.  For some reason, I’m apparently ‘cheap’ for using—say—a max potion during the midst of battle.  If quarrying is part of the Ballista, how exactly am I being ‘cheap’ for using a mechanic that’s part of the game?  And hell, it only gets worse from here.  It’s also apparently ‘cheap’ and cowardly to work as a team with allies—in other words, working as a team is synonymous to being a coward.  Other than with Lazurus, I consider myself patient in terms of dealing with these types of people, but even I can hardly maintain my composure sometimes.  Yeah, that’s me using Ukko’s Fury in town.  Out of fury.


Let’s be honest here, though.  A lot of the new transfers are garbage and ruin the balance of official matches with their absence of skill.  The trash talk through shouts and emotes is endless, as well.  It’s no wonder that the JP have slowly been abandoning this wasteland and transferring to Carbuncle.  Take Zahara, formerly known as Nathien, for example.  He probably needs no introduction, as he’s quite notorious on multiple servers—second only to Feiwong, I would presume.  For those who don’t know who this joker is, this should sum everything up:

According to him, Evv and I ‘hack’, and for some reason, he used Laz’s and my name in the same sentence.  Now, that’s just embarrassing. Oh, and I’m also a ‘Noob’ with a capital ‘N’.  The way he types simply amuses me.  I must admit that I’m impressed, though.  He manages to piss off every person whom he makes contact with.

Typically, when a player examines another, he’s checking to see whether or not you have any petras on hand.  This isn’t the case for our friend Zahara, though.  He seemingly takes it as a challenge to a duel of some sort, but unfortunately for him, he needs to learn how to land his weaponskill on his opponents first.

In terms of handling Zahara, I should definitely learn from Yozen.  He’s basically like Yoda.  Black list Zahara, you must.

By the way, this is his Youtube channel if anyone wants nightmares: Zahara’s Youtube.  You’re welcome.


Zahara isn’t the only nuisance, though.  What truly bothers me is the fact that practically every NA Ballista player doesn’t know how to play Ballista.  I find them too fixated on their implied goal to be obtain a status of a war veteran of some sort—much like The Last Samurai.  They always tend to want to kill people through solo efforts in a team game.  In turn, their mentality is skewed such that their attention is focused on the strengths of jobs through one on one.  However, the reality is that teammates cover for each other’s weaknesses in combat, as—I can’t stress this enough—Ballista is indeed a team game.  Often, NA players will have conversations like the following, completely centered around individual jobs in one on one duels:

Sayomi claims that his DRK can easily defeat PLDs in uncap when he’s buffed.  Why would anyone sit around and wait for the opponent to buff before engaging in a fight?  That only happens in Dragonball Z where one person powers up to Super Saiyan 9000 while the other quivers in fear and eventually gets owned.  If Sayomi is indeed as skilled as he claims to be, then I really wonder why he got schooled in all four Ballista games in Diorama a few days ago.

We had a practice Diorama session with some of the new transfers: Ryolen, Aboutsixmidgets, and Sayomi.  The teams and job setups were fixed as follows:

DRK/DNC Ryolen
RNG/WAR Aboutsixmidgets
MNK/WAR Sayomi

DRK/DNC Pikkiwoki

The subjobs for DRK and RNG had to be accommodated for Ryolen’s and Aboutsixmidgets’ lack of having SAM as a subjob.  Either way, though, the results were relatively predictable.  The ’20 point win’ rule wasn’t applied, so the final scores were as follows:

[Griffons – Wyverns]
Game 1 results: 0 – 28
Game 2 results: 1 – 29
Game 3 results: 0 – 28
Game 4 results: 0 – 14 (naked)

Game 4 Video:

I only uploaded the fourth game, since the first three were meaningless one-sided games.  That was also the case in the fourth game, but at least my team was naked and thus provided some sort of entertainment.

Anyway, after getting steamrolled in the first three rounds, Sayomi senselessly blamed his team’s losses on equipment, claiming that they couldn’t do anything against us due to our higher defenses. Heeding his accusation, my team decided to remove our head, body, hands, legs, and feet pieces, subtracting well over 100 defense in gear. For whatever reason, Ryolen, who was on the opposing team, wanted to join our ‘no pants’ party, but regardless of our nude play, the results of the match were still the same.  After they lost the fourth game, despite my team doing the undie run, Sayomi admitted that his team lost due to lack of teamwork but never put any blame on himself.  It seemed as though all of them simply blamed each other for the team’s downfall, never once admitting that they themselves could use some improvement.  If an individual doesn’t admit his flaws and mistakes, then making corresponding amends and improvements is impossible.  This is one of the reasons why NA players don’t succeed in the Ballista.  They don’t admit fault.  They seem to have some belief that they’re almighty, omnipotent, and flawless.  This, however, is not the case and never will be for anyone.  People who have played Ballista since its introduction to FFXI are still learning and improving.  There’s no shame in admitting fault, as they can only be amended.  If these newcomers could actually abide to this mentality, perhaps they can change.  It’s certainly not likely, but nevertheless, it is a possibility.

As a side note, Chancellor T booted Sayomi from the LS, so that’s certainly a thumbs up.


Yes, I do realize that I sound like a pretentious douchebag, and by no means does anyone need to listen to my gibberish as to why NA players are meager in Ballista skill.  So, instead, I happened to have asked two notable JP Ballista players, Saffier (formerly Kyanos) and Byrnie, relevant questions pertaining the skill levels of NA players several months back.  Perhaps people would rather listen to JP players than some random NA whose name is the 22nd letter of the English alphabet.  It all began with me questioning why most JP lack interest in uncap.  Enjoy.

Well, there you have it, folks—opinions from two respectable JP Ballista players.  As Byrnie said, there’s no Ballista handbook for dummies, so learning how to play Ballista properly is primarily based on the player himself.  Although players who know the correct ways of Ballista can aid in helping others improve, all efforts would be meaningless if they themselves don’t accept the reality of how Ballista should be played: “if not agree it. live alone shutting eyes and ears.”  Essentially, NA players need to adopt open minds and acknowledge some ideas that may be otherworldly to them.  Undoubtedly, practically every NA Ballista player has had some sort of misconception of the game at one point, but by keeping an open mind, they may be able to learn proper and effective Ballista strategies—fundamentally accepting a new mentality for the game.  Otherwise, stubbornness in this sense would only lead to ignorance, denial, and consequently poor gameplay.

This reminds me a lot of that forum troll Alhanelem/Tahngarthor who I call Abraham because I can’t read for shit.  Ridiculing him, however, would have to wait another day.  I’ll also do a blog post on improvement some time soon, and I’m open for any suggestions on how to go about this.  Believe me, I’m more than happy to help people in improving in Ballista as long as they’re responsive and willing to learn.  Don’t forget, though, that I’m still learning, as well.  As such, I can’t say that I know everything but will do my best in terms of helping.

Anyway, I promised some people that I would write a blog post today, as well as uploading that ridiculous video, so there you have it.  Thanks for keeping me up till 3am, jackasses.  Good night.

12 responses

  1. Evviva

    But I Need A Chiv Chain First So Don’t Leave Yet

    Nice post :D

    April 29, 2012 at 6:44 am

  2. Teishi

    Great post bro.

    Don’t know how many times I’ve “used Ukko’s fury” in town after listening to them talk about “ballista”.. lol


    April 29, 2012 at 11:38 am

  3. Stfutaru

    Ugh, also, people tend to have a mind set that when they’re losing, it’s because of their current jobs, and so they feel the need to go change. People need to actually realize that some people are better in skill, and the only way to really improve is not to change jobs, but to take the loss and understand why.

    April 30, 2012 at 4:38 pm

  4. Jspromlx

    Byr and Saff comments reminded me of what Casseur also during an OM in Pash when we first moved to Lak ” low skill/gear is ok, but need to listen/better team work”. Pretty much don’t hurt the team doing your own thing, but work on a common goal that could be as simple as target the same person!

    April 30, 2012 at 9:17 pm

  5. V

    They’ll never play as a team, especially if they sub NIN on every melee job or rock the SAM/RNG all the time.

    May 1, 2012 at 12:47 pm

  6. Nate

    Personally, I don’t understand your motivation to be good at Ballista. There is no gil in it, no gear, and no tangible rewards of any kind.

    Outside of the unusual opportunity to dual a thinking opponent and not just another NPC, there is nothing to draw me in. Why would I want to spend hours doing what amounts to endless fetch quests with the added aggravation of player interference, all for nothing?

    I’m pretty sure that after they add some sort of coliseum, you won’t have to worry about the players who frustrate you any more, because the vast majority could care less about petras and gate breaches, and simply want to PVP.

    There is a sizable population of people who have been turned off by FFXI’s lack of PVP. I have heard many friends specifically cite that as their reason for not playing, or for not enjoying the game. I’ve heard precisely zero comments, anywhere, indicating that players are frustrated by inability to compete in a made up mini-game with no prizes.

    It’s cool that your miniscule community thinks that NA players, or whomever, are terrible at Ballista. The reality is that Ballista is terrible, so the only people who stop actually playing FFXi to do it are exactly the type you are seeing, and a dinky little group of die-hards, such as yourself. The majority of people who would put enough thought and effort into Ballista to challenge you well are busy putting that much thought and effort into being good at FFXI, acquiring good things, and helping their friends to do the same.

    June 26, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    • teishi

      Which one of you pissed this one off? lol

      Nate, our motivation to be good at ballista is just as valid as anyone else’s motivation to do anything else in FFXI. The game as a whole is “all for nothing” so don’t even bother with that kind of argument. When the game is shut down, we all go home with “nothing” whether we played ballista or gathered drops from HNMs.

      The second half of your post ….. is just misunderstanding. I think you’re getting upset because we talk about “NA players” being bad at ballista. If you don’t ballista on the regular, we’re not talking about you. We’re talking about NA people (or EU or JP) that come to ballista, have played for ages, and still suck, and still whine, and still fuck up games.. even after all their “experience”. That’s who the rant was aimed at. Not the rest of FFXI that doesn’t even play ballista.

      June 28, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    • (currently) Retired FFXI [vet(?)]

      The point in Ballista is to just have fun. I myself have never played it, but that is what I got from reading this story. Not everything should be about rewards. FFXI is largely based around teamwork, and Ballista is just another example if this.

      From what I’ve read these people who do Ballista, whom I’ve never actually spoken to have a more tight-nit community than the average FFXI player who generally screw each other over, claiming to “put so much thought and effort” into helping friends well in reality they are just in it for themselves. It shows bad sportsmanship and is a large reason why NA is so disliked. (Which btw, I am NA).

      “The majority of people who would put enough thought and effort into Ballista to challenge you well are busy putting that much thought and effort into being good at FFXI, acquiring good things, and helping their friends to do the same.” -You do realize how silly this sounds right? Ballista is a fun thing for these people, much like FFXI, apparently, is for you. Their “made up mini-game” is no better or worse than FFXI by itself. After all FFXI is just a game. This Ballista they play is just a way to have fun and about teamwork, a really good skill to learn and practice. It’s a reward in itself. For fun. No strings attached. Or do you not remember the gamer days of old when people played games for fun? (rather than to try to be the best at Call of Duty and the like…and ruin great strategy games such as Assassins Creed:Brotherhood) It’s a good mindset from the average NA “I’m the best, me, myself and I” No one is the best and everyone can always use some help. After all this is an MMO and the idea is to play together. Not to mention that good teamwork is a skill in itself of FFXI. There are so many people today who don’t even know how to play the game properly anymore.

      And you have no right to say that Ballista is terrible, and if you think so why even comment on this? You do realize what the rest of the gamer community thinks of FFXI as a whole, right? But as long as someone enjoys something, you can’t say it’s horrible just that you don’t like it.

      FFXI is so repetitive and boring at times…abyssea and Voidwatch has made it so much so. Not really any true teamwork as much as “hit it with all ya got!” If I ever go back, I may give this Ballista a try (and lucky me, my character is on the Carbuncle server)

      October 6, 2012 at 11:13 pm

  7. Evv

    Dear Sir or Madam.

    Your articulate and insightful post has really thrilled the members of this community. Please contact us when possible, thanks!

    October 8, 2012 at 2:19 pm

  8. LongLostFeiwong

    Dear oblivious schmuck,

    I think the only person here that doesn’t understand is you, PVP Vyii. I think it’s disgusting you think you’ve broken down this type of logic to mislead readers. First of all, ballista isn’t all about winning. There’s nothing to gain in winning or loosing. Sure, you might get a few exp and a few gil reward difference, but you’re forgetting the most important part: fun. I think the only person who doesn’t understand that concept here is you. If I still had my account I’d be more than happy to show you a thing or two on how to play. Instead, you and all the pvp ballista regulars do is rig the match just to how many badge titles are earned. Not to mention rigging the leader boards shown by the herald.

    Listen, I think it’s cute you established an LS for ballista, but all you’re doing is the same thing what JP players do; abusing the game not letting others get badge rewards or even attempt to get into the leader boards. This is monopolization and griefing. Not to mention also a bannble offense if I am not mistaken (see my ballista video. In the past, people outside of ballista would follow players to give positions to the enemy to give them an edge. THIS is considered to be cheating or form of harassment). In any case, I’ve never been so glad to leave FFXI in 2010. Keep using my name in your tiny penis post like the blue gartr idiots do.

    FYI, people do cheat in case you didn’t notice. If I am not mistaken, there was a player who modded stats to break defense, gear, & buffing cap in 60 match, so don’t go around calling people noobs or lack of skill. Any game is possible to be hacked with you’re still living in the past. This isn’t 05 anymore.

    In any case, I may not be a player anymore but I have personally reported you to the feed back system and email to playonline enforcement team. Learn to be play fair, not preventing people’s game play. Lastly, Lakshmi are the best legit pvp players (well, most that don’t monopolize pvp).

    Enjoy. I said this before on blue gartr idiots, I hope you die slowly in pain screaming.

    December 25, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    • Evv

      You should have been swallowed.

      #legit pvp players

      January 16, 2013 at 4:20 am

  9. Zhouer

    I enjoyed this, thanks. Merry Christmas, Fei. I’d send you a Paralysis Arrow if I could :(

    January 7, 2013 at 2:53 am

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