Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista

Dr. Dre: Player Profile: Brandonn, Nah Nevermind…

—Written by Drekien

Well I was gonna ask Brandonn but, 1. I have no nickname for him, and 2. He’s incognitos. So I guess the rest would be like, necessary to do? But in reality I can’t think of questions to ask people anymore plus I don’t think anyone really cares. Instead of talking about other people or asking them questions, I figured that I’ll just keep doing regular ass random ballista posts.

So, the issue as of lately is just the quality of OM matches and the lack of fun Diorama matches. Why is this? Well in my instance it’s just a multitude of different factors; mainly because people are lazy/want to do their own thing. But my real question is: Why do OM instead of Dio? I mean, I’ll be really honest and straightforward… I think I’m terrible at Dio, I hardly win and I always fuck up at crucial moments. My peers can say otherwise but I know I’m not that great. Nevertheless I would rather do a relatively even balanced Dio match than an unbalanced rigged OM match. When one team has all the good melees/healers and there’s a single Cor in the game (Putio) I can’t really enjoy myself especially if I’m 1. Owning the other team or 2. Getting owned by the other team.

Like I said it’s pretty straightforward how I’ve been feeling lately. Ballista just isn’t the same anymore. The disparity between players is sometimes so great that it alone means victory or defeat. Not to mention the sorry players with egos that abuse items/food. I’m not complaining about Rabbit pies anymore because there’s nothing to really complain about it, other than I don’t respect its use. Lazurus told me “If it makes you better why not use it?” I had no true response to that other than “You become too dependent on it” in which case it still doesn’t beat the fact that it’s perfectly legal and acceptable to use as much as a kabob.

As far as augmenting goes, I’ve kinda been contemplating a theory on what acquires what. If anyone here is familiar with the synthesis clock as its element changes every 5-6 real life seconds (not too sure on that but around there) maybe that could dictate some type of stats that you acquire while trading, during the fight, and opening the chest. Since testing this theory would be so difficult I’m going to start timing my trades to certain elements to see if it has any correlation between the two. If not, fuck it. Back to randomly augmenting items.

Finally, as I’ve mentioned earlier about my hatred for OM here, it has come to my knowledge that Shiva server has some decent ballista. Now don’t quote me on anything but it has a “strong” NA following (lmao) and some decent size ballistas that happen regularly. I have seriously thought about leaving Lakshmi and going out to find better ballista, but honestly thinking about it, I believe it’s probably the same if not worse anywhere else I go. I’m just tired of the bullshit and lack of enthusiasm people display here. No one wants to try to win seriously during OMs, so why should I bother? 99% of the time JPs are bullshiting around not calling targets or whining to NAs, don’t heal NAs, NA’s don’t give a shit… just a bunch of nonsense.

Maybe it’s just me being emo talking or something but I’ve been wanting to quit this game for so long. The people I call friends are usually never around, have better things to do, or just simply let me down. Finding help is only gonna be from an endgame LS and I have no desire whatsoever to join one. Honestly I feel like no one would care if I left in the long run, but for as long as I’ve known these people I would have put everything on the line for them.

But like I said, maybe it’s just me being depressed talking here… who knows.

2 responses

  1. V

    Brando’s nickname can be B-dawg.

    August 17, 2011 at 7:44 pm

  2. clubark

    I don’t play the job , but I’m always on it you say. Who needs to think before they speak? You needa xanax? I can hook your emo ass up pookie.

    August 24, 2013 at 11:35 pm

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