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Dr. Dre: Dear Stupid… Please Use a Shovel and Bury Yourself

—Written by Drekien

Oh yes, you know who I’m talking to. Yes you, the puny worthless insignificant piece of shit tarutaru referred to as “Clubark”. This isn’t going to be just another one of my rants. I intend to inform and educate but at the same time rip you apart. I don’t know why you think you have any right to believe that you are in any way better than me. Never did you clarify with evidence the time we supposedly did fight each other 1v1 or explain why exactly you think you’re better. But not only that, I find it REALLY hilarious that you think I “envy you”. Oh my god I was really laughing when I read that dumb shit. Also you speak of me being a {Child}? What do you think it takes to be a child? Hmm, well, from my knowledge, it’s something called immaturity, and bitch… you emanate that in its wholesome form. Yea, I can be immature at times, but I know in the end that’s not how I really act, and that whatever you believe is making you more superior and mature than me is really just a clouded façade.


Dr. Dre: Player Profile: Brandonn, Nah Nevermind…

—Written by Drekien

Well I was gonna ask Brandonn but, 1. I have no nickname for him, and 2. He’s incognitos. So I guess the rest would be like, necessary to do? But in reality I can’t think of questions to ask people anymore plus I don’t think anyone really cares. Instead of talking about other people or asking them questions, I figured that I’ll just keep doing regular ass random ballista posts.


Just a Few Clarifications

Yes, clarifications.

So I was trying to subscribe to another blog yesterday but couldn’t find a subscription link or button.  That’s when it hit me.  Where the hell did my subscription link go?  Well, shit, I must have accidentally removed it at one point, but it’s back now (at the bottom of the right side menu).  I was wondering why my subscriber count stopped increasing.  Anyway, I’m glad that I finally got this out of the way.


Strategy 005: Battle Skill vs. Tech Skill (Hyper)

Sally, calm yo ass down.  Although this post may be intimidating to read due to its traumatic length, I hope that you, the reader, will do your job and—yes—read this post entirely and carefully.  If you play Ballista, I guarantee that it will be worth your time.  If you don’t play Ballista, read it anyway.  For the shits and giggles.  Mostly the shits.


In the past week, I’ve been busy with mundane routines of the notorious phenomenon commonly known as ‘IRL’, but during my downtime from FFXI, I’ve been brainstorming a few notable thoughts and ideas in regards to—you’ve guessed it—Ballista.  Between the few NA players in my LS, two novel terms have been coined in order to describe and categorize Ballista aptitude more effectively: ‘battle skill’ and ‘technical skill’.


Funniest Shit in the World

Have you ever seen a video with a Ballista commentator?  Well, you’re in luck because here are two of my favorites that I found a while back.  As you can see, these guys are obviously professional Ballista players.