Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista

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Dr. Dre: Player Profile: Jsprodjgoaehqwdslfk1337etc

—Written by Drekien

While trying to think of the next person to write about, I came to the realization that many of us are quite similar. With that in mind, these questions are kind of hard to come up with now… but of course being the boss that I am I have it all figured out. Well what I mean by similar is that many of us have the same jobs leveled, as for instance my next person in the player profile. Like me, he has pretty much the same ballista jobs leveled and used: SAM, WAR, DRG, RNG… just to name a few. He’s also quite the stealthy player. What do I mean by that?…well if you haven’t figured it out already, he’s able to keep this game a secret from his own family! Please welcome the man whose name is impossible to pronounce, Jspromlx~