Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista

Dr. Dre: Updating, Expanding, and Augments

—Written by Drekien

So I’ve thought about it for a while, I haven’t been playing as much as I used to 2-3 years ago, but I’ve contemplated the benefits of some of the gear that can be synced in Ballista, particularly the Perle set of equipment from the Abyssea add-on (probably lookin at the body, head, and feet). From what I’ve been told from my friend Minigal, the body gives STR & DEX +3 and ACC & ATT +7. These stats are definitely decent at worst… considering Byrnie gives only 2 more STR but 18 more ATT (19~ if you count the 2 STR bonus) yet no ACC/DEX bonus. The head also isn’t too bad syncing with STR & VIT +2 and ATT+3… and I’m honestly getting sick of my lolturban too so this could be a viable substitute in the near future. And unfortunately, I have no idea what the feets stats are, but I’m sure they’re around Sipahi/Abtal in terms of “+”.

Contemplating about leveling jobs is hard enough, but man, I’ve been so brain dead about what I would like to take pride in gear-wise and merit-wise for Ballista. I have soooooooooo many 60 cap jobs that are unfinished and leveled just for ballista purposes (RDM, MNK, THF, NIN, DRK, and BLU). Nowadays, it will only be worthwhile to level a job that I know I can be committed to because no one really “sucks” anymore. The competition is pretty fierce, especially in a controlled environment like Diorama, but even some of the OM’s get kinda technical, depending on the people and their respective jobs. If I’m gonna find a job that I can enjoy and actually be decent at, it’s gonna take some real hard meditation to push myself to be more diverse…


Now it’s time for augments. I’d like to be the first to say that I am super envious of most players’ augs. There are so many that I can’t even pinpoint one that stands out the most, but in 99.9% of the cases, it’s because I’m just a broke bastard who can’t afford much of anything anymore to aug consistently. I’ve noticed the people that have the super nice augs are either extremely rich or extremely lucky, and I mean they have consistency in their nice augments: hardly any negative stats, hardly any non-useful stats for that job… and so on. I have some fairly decent ones that I have taken pride in, though.

I can’t recall where I’ve gotten most of them, or what time of the day/moon phase… I know, I suck, and I apologize. PS2/3 just doesn’t have the capabilities a PC has, but whatever, I gotta deal with it lol. These are just the ones that I consider noteworthy though, and obviously they’re my best, but like I said, I do take pride in having some decent augs.


So today was a good day to do some OM because… well, I haven’t done any in a while, and it was a good time to talk about the things that went down.

The Jugner Forest match was actually pretty fucking lame from my perspective. I was never able to get many KO’s, score, or do much of anything productive really… The teams were:

WAR/SAM: Drekien [E]
SAM/DNC: Lowriders [H]
DRK/SAM: Avrilabsoraytum [H]
PUP/WAR: Dirac [T]
BLM/RDM: Nawsica [T]

SAM/WAR: Irvinez [G]
SAM/WAR: Gamixyz [E]
DRK/SAM: Vyii [E]
MNK/WAR: Teska [E]
RDM/BLM: Lilyrose [M]

Windurst 67 – Bastok 81

Looking at it, you might think, “Well, Bastok might have the slight advantage,” and they did… but we didn’t get blown away by any means. Yes, we probably died a lot more than they did, granted they had an extra samurai. Plus, our samurai was /DNC with Soboro while both of their samurais were /WAR with polearms. Vokes were extremely crucial during this match. I honestly think about 15-20 of our points were because of the assists I pulled off.


Nawsica was doing WOOOOOOOORK as blm, I mean I guess it wouldn’t be TOO difficult, considering that Lily wasn’t really even going for him, I suppose. But it seemed as though Nawsica was just dominating with nukes during the majority of it.


Other than that, it wasn’t as lopsided as one may think, came really close at points where we actually could have taken the lead (besides when we started off 2-0 >.> lol). The match ended in a pleasing defeat of 67 to 81,and I can definitely be comfortable losing, knowing that I wasn’t a complete nuisance or didn’t do anything productive.

Not feeling like doing a Pashhow or Meriph one… I need some rest zzzzzz…….

3 responses

  1. V

    Dre, go get Askar helm and some better augments, son. Also, for jobs that can equip it, I think Byrnie +1 is still better than Perle body in most situations.

    Perle feet give STR+1, DEX+1, and 12 defense for SAM at Lv60.
    *Check here:

    Unless you gain another Penta Thrust base damage from that extra DEX, Abtal boots are still better.

    November 5, 2010 at 4:28 pm

  2. YouCanCallMeDre

    nigga u say go get askar helm like its easy… I don’t have nyzul done and no potential groups to help me get it… so fuck that.
    Also i’m not saying I will use perle body, just saying its a decent substitute for the poor folk like me, u rich pos.

    November 6, 2010 at 12:56 am

    • V

      Now you hatin’.

      November 6, 2010 at 12:56 pm

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