Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista

Dr. Dre: An Introduction

—Written by Drekien

I am terrible with opening statements, but with inspiration from Vyii, who’s currently on Lakshmi server, I’ve found the motivation to write about my experiences. I have been studying the game, practicing different jobs, and over the years, met some great people who enjoy Ballista as much as I do. I am Drekien, notably an Elvaan Samurai & Warrior, from Lakshmi. Now, I didn’t start on Lakshmi, as it is with many other Ballista practitioners. I moved around a lot from server to server. I started off on Seraph and had many great memories on that server, but once Ballista took a hold of my FFXI life, I had to get away. Ballista is an ever-changing sport. People come and go all the time, and everyone strives to find their happiness wherever they go. I transferred to Fenrir when it was possible (in 2007? Can’t remember). It was a huge ordeal when it started because Ballista was still fairly popular then especially with NA’s, and that server quickly became flooded with assholes, morons, and people who we considered the typical NA gamers. I couldn’t take the nonsense that took place over there and quickly moved back to Seraph, finishing sky and sea and doing things that I meant to complete. Then time went on, and again, I got fed up with the lack of Ballista Seraph had to offer (oh also I  knew Vyii at this point in time, but he doesn’t want me to reveal too much information so I’ll just let him read this so he can know wtf I’m talking about ^.~). I then moved to a bunch of different servers in search of adequate Ballista. Eventually, I found myself finding a niche in Lakshmi. With advice from the JPs from Seraph, they suggested that Lakshmi had a good group of people and had a somewhat welcoming Ballista community.

Times were good. I spent a good year and a half-two years on Lakshmi before Vyii pops his ugly mug back up again. After spending time with me on Lakshmi, he talks to me about going to Siren to play “HQ” ballista. Of course I was obliged to take this guy’s offer, but I didn’t want to abandon my JP friends that I had known for oh so long… It was a tough decision. But as the story goes, I had to give in and realize that, hell, I don’t even speak/read/understand Japanese, and I moved to Siren with some other fellow NA’s. Now making this move had me thinking that it was a good idea. One because I really haven’t played with an organized group of experienced NA veterans before, even in Official matches (NO, I’m sorry, Lazurus. You are NOT a good ballista player). I mean… I’ve played with a bunch of NA’s and done well with them on my team, but this guy Vyii was talking about serious stuff. NA v. JP, ditto matched jobs, specific rules, and stuff that looked extremely interesting. And two, never had I played Ballista and got so much fulfillment out of doing something like this. I’ve had decent relationships with JPs in the past, and I’ve done many Diorama matches where I was the only NA. But now to team up with some fellow NAs and put some respect into JP shoes… that sounded really nice.

And now we are at the present. If you have been following Vyii’s blog, then you would know we as a group have moved to Lakshmi (while I was returning). Currently, I’m trying to better my gear, skill**, and intelligence when it comes to Ballista. I know there’s always going to be some type of judgment someone will hold against me, but it’s always proper to overlook it and be the best I can. I consider myself a knowledgeable Ballista player, but there is so much more I need to learn before even I can give myself the proper praise and respect. I’ll be posting similar stuff as Vyii, item augs, OM and Dio match descriptions, stuff like that… so stay tuned, bitches.


SO… I guess to start this journal entry off right is to talk about the little random dio we did on Thursday night… My bitchass got stuck with V -_- It wasn’t so bad lol. We won the first match 8-6 with a late comeback in the final minutes.


But the second match, we lost 8-5. (>.> I wanted to head out)


Then before the third match, V was bein a jackass and wanted to augment his Gilt feet (-_-) on Darksday, before it was over…


Then the last match, we finally got to switch teams up, as I was teamed with Teishi (Boss) against Vyii and Jspromlx. The match ended in a victoire! 6-4.

Aaaand that’s about it… Plan to do some OM tomorrow around mid-day and maybe post the events that transpire.

2 responses

  1. V

    Wow, Dre. Get a better camera. And do you have to be so harsh on your BFF?

    Regardless, thanks for joining me in the blogging world. Great article, and welcome aboard.

    November 5, 2010 at 3:04 am

  2. YouCanCallMeDre

    lolcamera.. man like I said I’m glad the pics came out the way they did, atleast they’re not super super blurry but its the best I can do for now… and thanks again, and yes, I must be harsh

    November 5, 2010 at 3:53 am

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