Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Ballista


Red Mage Removal

RDM has always been a strong job in Ballista, but with the discovery of hyper, the job has been considered broken.  Just to recap, in order to access hyper, a player needs to die a certain amount of times, depending on the total match duration.  Since RDMs can easily kill themselves by depleting their MP, using Convert, and finally applying a Poison Potion, they are essentially able to manipulate their own deaths.  As such, they will practically always have hyper, meaning that the job is virtually broken in OM and even worse in Diorama.  Of course, there are some ethical issues of forcing death with Convert and Poison Potion in a competitive Diorama setting.  However, despite that, it’s also impossible to completely prevent players from forcing death on RDM.  Or rather, it’s impossible to administer a rule that prevents RDMs from curing themselves after Convert; curing after Convert is always a choice.  Since RDMs have control over their own deaths, they will simply have an infinite supply of MP and can freely wreck the balance of the game.  Of course, this is assuming that the RDM user is experienced.  If the RDM is an amateur, it wouldn’t make a much of a difference, but regardless, the option of dying on command will always be there.  As such, even the JP have stopped using RDM in Diorama for almost a year or perhaps longer.

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Ballista Keyboard View

As I promised several people, here’s a quick demonstration of how I play Ballista on keyboard.  For those of you who have had your ears bleed from the button mashing sounds whenever I’m on Skype, I humbly apologize (not really), but now you know why it’s always so noisy when I play.  I usually cover it up with the excuse that I’m frantically typing up a last minute essay for English class, which tends to help me ward off people so that I can concentrate on my ‘work’.  Go me.

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Why Ballista?

—Written by Evviva

Disclaimer:  I realize that this may not apply to everyone, as FFXI has many things to offer.


Many would wonder, “Why would a FFXI player even consider PvP style gameplay in an MMORPG designed to sustain interest via an intricate reward system?  This entry will be taking a closer look at the true reason behind the most well endowed mystery this game has to offer.  I had a lot of fun writing this post; likewise, my wish is for you, as the reader, to have fun with it, as well, and hopefully be able to relate to it.

1. Rewards

Rewards in an MMORPG equate to a promise, a promise that at the end of the day, your gameplay will be rewarded with a tangible item, perhaps some sort of intricate evolution of your avatar or your chosen path in a quest to unfold closer to fruition.  As a business model, MMORPG culture is riddled with dopamine at every turn.  These vast complex worlds put the user in a state of true fantasy, bringing closer those dreams of grandeur and accomplishments.  The trance induced is one of great power.  With that said, rewards in FFXI play an important role.

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Strategy 009: Generalized Quarry Theory

—Written by Zirk

Note: All quarry testing was done with standard Hako match settings.  The settings can be viewed at the start of almost every video.  I would like to mention that if you ever do your own quarry testing, try to record it and record the entire match from start to finish, as I have done.  It’s possible that we may want to look into other factors like the number of kills a player has, which team got the first kill of the match, etc.  So, by including this in your videos, we can use old videos to add to the data pool.

There is a lot of speculation here, so if you have unanswered questions/comments, note them down as you read, and if they remain unanswered by the end, post them in the comments for discussion.


I. The only requirements for x-hyper are as follows:
(1) Being in possession of a Petra Shovel
(2) Having the standard number of deaths (1 for Hako, 3 for OM)
(3) Your 2-hour is not up.

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Welcome to Ballista Revolution

—Written by Teishi

It has come to our attention that some players may view this website or our videos but never come forward and present themselves.  Even several of our current members admit that they were shy and hesitant before introducing themselves to us.  As the group leader, I really want to make it clear that we want you to come play Ballista!  Even if you’ve never played a single match or don’t have any level 60 gear, it doesn’t matter.  Take that first step, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

P.S. To those who may have quit FFXI or have lost interest in the grind, consider trying Ballista.  With us, Ballista is a completely separate game from FFXI.  The mechanics and strategies are totally different.  You can have a fresh start in a whole ‘new game’, and your hard earned gil and job levels give you a nice head start!

FFXI Ballista: Vocal Remarks

This is just a quick update, so yea.  Evv and I were having some conversations on Skype regarding Ballista.  Little did I know, that bastard recorded and uploaded parts of the conversations on Youtube.  After I threatened to sue him for recording me without my consent, we decided to work on a casual and improvised demonstration for ranger WS execution in Ballista, as it was one of the previous topics of discussion.  Links to the videos are provided below.  I realize that I sound stoned in the recordings, but as many of you may have suspected, I’m a full time stoner in real life.  Don’t be surprised.  Anyway, enjoy.

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How to Organize Diorama (Hako)

Please note that all standard rules of competitive level Diorama have been developed by the JP.  Since their competitive player population exponentially exceeds the NAs’, we have no choice but to abide to their methods.  Needless to say, they are conservatively strict with playing by their definitive rules and have little to no intention of changing them.  Moreover, they have been playing with those same—or at least similar—rules for several years, as they are indeed the founders of the competitive Diorama form.  NA players merely realized and were invited to play in this intense environment around 2008, and even now in the year 2012, only a few NA players have been able to reach a high enough level of skill to play against the JP on even footage.  In order to build public awareness and understanding of the highest form of Ballista, as well as allowing people to set up their own competitive games, the standard rules of Diorama are explained below.  Please keep in mind that the JP have established a well-organized and competitive environment with these standard rules, which evidently produce the highest quality of games.

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Ballista Commentary

So, I uploaded a Lakshmi vs Fenrir Diorama match with a commentary included.  Hopefully, it’ll be able to help some people out.  I don’t have much to say here, but now you can listen to my rants instead of only reading them.  I sound stoned, but, hell, maybe I was stoned at the time.  Even I don’t remember.  Anyway, if possible, let me know if it’s all right because I may decide to continue with commentating.  Constructive criticism is also welcomed.  Please and thanks.  Much appreciated.  Peace out.

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Strategy 008: How to Improve in Ballista

Before I start, I realize that most of my audience consists of NA players who strongly believe that they’re almighty and possess some sort of unshakable skill in Ballista.  However, in order to improve in anything, it’s necessary to admit self flaws and leave an open mind for new ideas.  Seeing as most NA players struggle with acknowledging the fundamentals of the game due to a variety of reasons—ignorance, stubbornness, and closed-mindedness to name a few—I took the liberty to write a resourceful Ballista guide for those who may be experiencing troubles in terms of improving.

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I’m sure that many people already know of the infamous forum troll Alhanalem—who I refer to as Abraham due to my random surges of dyslexia.  In a nutshell, he’s practically another self-righteous NA player who claims to know the dynamics of Ballista but is actually as ignorant and clueless as the rest of the pack.  Regarding Ballista, ignorance is not bliss, my friend.  It only makes you a complete dumbass.

Evv and I happened to run into this joker on Undine (test server) roughly around the time when the trial version of Legion was introduced.  Considering the hundreds and even thousands of times that he trolled Ballista threads on public forums, we had a reasonable idea of how much of a joker this guy was, but Jesus Christ, his stupidity far exceeded both our expectations.

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